What is Mini’s Football

Mini’s Football is a great, fun way to stimulate your child’s sporting ability at an early age.  Designed for “minis” aged from 5 up to 8, the non-competitive environment focuses on fun and participation, above all else.  When a child is enjoying the sport, and playing alongside similar-minded minis, they will naturally develop an affinity for the game.  Along with parental encouragement, mini’s will develop their coordination at a pace that they are comfortable with, regardless of what age they start.

Why Beecroft FC?

At Beecroft Football Club, we encourage mini’s of any age under 8 to join the club and experience the camaraderie of the people in our local community.  We are a “fun first” club; that is, we highly encourage mini’s to enjoy the game and to have fun, above all else.

Age Brackets

The club is part of the Gladesville Hornsby Football Association (GHFA).  Every year, we typically enter numerous teams into 3 distinct age brackets:

  • Under 6s: for those mini’s turning 5 or 6 in the current calendar year
  • Under 7s: for those mini’s turning 7 in the current calendar year
  • Under 8s: for those mini’s turning 8 in the current calendar year


As part of the GHFA district, we follow their rules, as listed on their website.  One important aspect to note is that these rules are to be treated as a guide; because the games are non-competitive, there should not be “strict” enforcement of these rules.  Remember that mini’s are out in the field to have fun, not to have their games interrupted for every small misdemeanour observed!

Team Formation

The Beecroft FC committee strongly believe that teams should pick themselves based on friendships within their immediate schools and the community.  Not only does this build a stronger team rapport, mini’s will play the entire season (some 16 weeks) together, and will get to know each other very well by the end of the season.  Mini’s that are in the same school, in the same grade, and even in the same class typically exhibit better cohesion in their gameplay as they inherently feel more comfortable around other mini’s they see (and play with) on a more regular basis.

Divisions and Rankings

To ensure that games are played between similarly skilled teams each season, teams are ranked, or “graded”, before the start of each season.  Note that teams are graded, not individuals, although the presence of a strong individual(s) will sway the grading of the team.  Our grading of teams closely follows GHFA guidelines.


All Beecroft Mini’s teams are encouraged to take part in our co-operative training session.  This session is held by the professional trainers, who run the coaches and the mini’s through a series of drills focusing on ball handling, ball control and general gameplay.

Special Events

Every year, Beecroft FC hold our annual Gala Day, where every Beecroft FC team participates in a friendly round robin clash with other Beecroft FC teams.  It is on Gala Day that all Beecroft FC Mini’s receive their medallion/trophy for participation – most definitely one of the highlights of the calendar year!

Any questions please contact the Mini’s Delegate at