045/3 Premiers and Local Derby

O45/3s Red – Premiers 2018

2018 saw two of our O45 teams in the same division 3 competition. Reds AKA the BEERs (who play in yellow, go figure) and the Blues AKA the BEEBs. Each match watch was hotly contested, 3 matches in all, a draw, a win to the BEEBs and a win to the BEERs.

The O45/3 competition was very close this year, 2 points between 1st and 4th. In order, Beecroft Red, Putney, West Ryde Rovers and Beecroft Blue. Congratulations to the BEERs who were Premiers, same points as 2nd place Putney, but one goal better!

Saturday 28 July, Cheltenham Oval hosted the first semi-final round between the Beecroft Teams. Spectators were all supporting Beecroft and were treated to an exciting game to watch. The BEERs were winners, Bill and Justin were the goal scorers.

Good Luck to both teams for the semi-final series.

O45/3s  BEEBs vs BEERs – a local derby at Cheltenham Oval

Goal Scorers.


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