Fee Policies

Beecroft Football Club Fee Policies

Refunds and COVID

The 2020 season went ahead as planned, with a very delayed start. If the season is cancelled, a refund procedure will be implemented and will be dependent on Football NSW and NWSF policies.

Be assured that we will refund every cent that we possibly can and that the club will take a revenue neutral approach to this. 

The standard refund policy is below but may be suspended if the 2021 season experiences a delayed start (as all dates are on the assumption of a normal April start).

Refunds will be provided according to the time-frames below:

  1. Requests received prior to payment by the Club of player insurance and initial registration, i.e. typically 1 week prior to the season commencement, will be entitled to a Full Refund less any costs incurred.
  2. Requests received after the season commences but before the last Friday in May will be entitled to a 40% Refund.
  3. On or after the last Friday in May, No Refund will be given.

Family Discount
For families who register multiple players, there is no discount for the first three registrations.

  1. The fourth and subsequent registration/s will receive a 30% discount. An email should be sent to registrar@nullbeecroftfc.com.au with the names of the family members so the Registrar can arrange for a refund of fees paid for the discounted amount.
  2. Family Discounts do not apply where one of the first three registrations is a Committee Member ‘Free Registration’.

Committee Members

  1. In recognition of the time involved in running the Club, all Committee Members receive 1 free registration, which they can apply to one family member of their choice.
  2. This is contingent on the Committee Member fulfilling their duties adequately and attending 75% or more of all Committee meetings.

Late Registrations
Players may join the Club after the season has commenced or wish to transfer from another club prior to the end of May deadline. These people will often request a reduced fee due to less time on the pitch or fees already paid.

  1. For a player signing up late in the season, the Club is still liable for full association fees and registration as well as usual fixed costs i.e. strip and running costs of the club, so in general, no discount will be offered.
  2. However, if it is in the Club’s interest to have the player join i.e filling a gap in a team lacking players or if the player is keenly sought by the team involved, the President, Registrar and Treasurer may decide on a reduced fee which should not be less than the association fees + 20%.
  3. For players transferring from another club, the NWSF will refund their original club half their membership fee but not the insurance fee and will charge us the full membership and insurance. They should seek a partial refund from their original club. We will usually charge them full fee however clause 3 will apply.