Grading Policy v1

Beecroft Football Club Grading Policy:

The primary aim of the Beecroft Football Club is for players to enjoy
themselves. This Grading policy aims to facilitate this by
endeavouring to place players together of similar abilities to
enhance their overall experience, skill development, social
engagement and enjoyment of the game, and that each team has
the most appropriate numbers where possible.

Under 6s, 7s and 8’s Team Formation:

  • Emphasis is on player enjoyment and learning.
  • U6, U7, U8 players are not individually graded. Teams are
    formed based on a combination of school groups, social
    requests and skill levels.
  • The Committee has final discretion in team formation.

Under 9s – Under 11s Grading (and other years as necessary):

  • Individual grading starts from U9 with similar ability players
    where possible placed together for optimal learning
  • Grading prioritises player skill development over existing
    friendships, particularly for the top team of that age.
  • Play-with requests are considered but not the committee’s
    primary focus. They are typically not considered for the top
    team of the age group.
  • Players not selected for the top team are placed in teams
    based on a mixture of skills, schools attended, friendships,
    and previous teams.

The Committee has final discretion in Grading and Team
, and may use a combination of the following to assist

  1. Player Grading: The club may conduct assessments of each
    child’s abilities and skill set through a series of skill tests and
    in-game assessments. These assessments may cover core
    skills such as first touch, striking the ball, running with the ball,
    and one versus one (attacking and defending). Grading scores remain confidential. The Committee may sometimes also take Coaches’ feedback and previous results.
  2. Team Selection: Teams are then assembled as best possible
    with children who demonstrate similar abilities and skill sets,
    ensuring that players within a team are well-matched in terms
    of their football skills, but also a rounded team e.g. the team
    has a goal-keeper, full-backs, midfield and forwards.

    Late registrations or Grading absentees are placed as best
    possible based on Committee knowledge and feedback.
  3. Team / Competition Grading: The club works with the North
    West Sydney Football Association to place the team where
    possible in a division that best matches them with teams from
    other clubs with similar abilities and skill sets.

Playing Up an Age Group:

  • Players will be initially graded into their ‘Year of Birth’ team.
  • Requests to play up an age group will be considered on a case-by-case basis and should be made at registration.

By implementing this grading policy, Beecroft Football Club aims to foster an environment where players can thrive, develop their skills, and enjoy the game at an appropriate level of competition in a positive community and social structure.