Professional Coaching with Nathan Grey for all teams u9s and up returns in 2018.

Each session runs for 1 hour and Nathan will only undertake 3 slots per night but has offered 4 possible slots. Therefore if the 4pm slot is taken, the 7pm is not available and vice versa.

All the coach of your team needs to do is think about what they would like to see improved about their team and tell Nathan as soon as possible at the ground. He usually sets up near the equipment shed.

Please select a free slot and email us at  to claim your slot.


 Tuesday 20 March Tuesday 27 March Tuesday 3 April
 4pm: N/A 4pm: 4pm: N/A
 5pm: N/A 5pm: 5pm: Under 9 Girls
 6pm: N/A 6pm: 11As Ben McSweeney 6pm: Under 11 Girls
 7pm: N/A 7pm: Under 18s 7pm: AA4s Girls
Tuesday 10 April Tuesday 1 May Tuesday 8 May
4pm: N/A 4pm: 4pm: N/A
5pm: 11Bs Scott Verrall 5pm: 5pm: U9B Bridget Rowe-Sykes
6pm: 10As Cam Ross 6pm: Under 9As John Hill 6pm: Under 9 Girls
7pm: 14/2s Girls Kath Wall 7pm: Mumbats Kath Wall 7pm: Under 16 girls
Tuesday 15 May Tuesday 22 May Tuesday 29 May
4pm: 4pm: N/A 4pm:
5pm: 5pm: U9B – Bridget Rowe-Sykes 5pm:
6pm: 10As Cam Ross 6pm: U13/4  – Robert 6pm: WU11
7pm: WU11 7pm: WAA4 – Amanda 7pm: W14/2 – Kath
Tuesday 5 June Tuesday 12 June Tuesday 19 June
4pm: N/A 4pm: N/A 4pm: N/A
5pm: WU9 – Kristen 5pm: U11 girls 5pm: U9/4 – Bridget
6pm: U10/4 – Simon 6pm: U12 – Maria 6pm: U12  – Maria
7pm: WU16/1 – Tracey 7pm: U13/4 – Robert 7pm: WAA4 – Amanda
Tuesday 26 June Tuesday 3 July rescheduled to           Tuesday 24 July
4pm: N/A 4pm: N/A
5pm: U7yellow – Zahra 5pm: U7yellow – Zahra
6pm: WU9 – Kirsten 6pm: Wu9 – Kirsten
7pm: WU16/1 -Tracey 7pm: WO30/2 – Kath
Last update 10 July 2018 08:50 pm


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