Sydney Metro Northwest – Cheltenham Services Facility

Sydney Metro Northwest – Cheltenham Services Facility

The following email was received 31 Jan 2017  from NRT  about the Cheltenham Services facility. Note that this is not the new club house, we expect to be using the demountables for the next 2 seasons.

Dear neighbour,

Welcome to the Northwest Rapid Transit (NRT) consortium’s Sydney Metro Northwest email update for Cheltenham Services Facility.  These updates will be distributed monthly to keep you informed about project activities in the Cheltenham area.

2017 is set to be a busy year for the services facility team at Cheltenham.  After several months of preliminary work and a short break over Christmas, the team has been working on concrete piling to form the building foundations.

A 400-tonne mobile crane lifted a piling machine and an excavator more than 20 metres down into the shaft. The machine was used to drill 40 piles to create the foundations for the facility building.

Since the first pour of concrete in December last year, piling for the foundations has now been completed. An estimated 170 cubic metres of concrete has been used in the creation of the 40 piles.

This year the team will focus on delivering structural works for the services facility, with demolition of the old council storage shed scheduled to start in mid-2017.

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Kind regards,

The NRT Stakeholder Relations Team



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