Mens – All Age, Over 35 and Over 45 Teams

Senior Teams in Gladesville Hornsby Football Association (GHFA) Competition

Senior team encompass all teams from age 18 and up. Available in the GHFA are U18s, U21s, All Age teams, O35s  O45s.  (Note that there is a separate women’s competition run by NWSWF).

At Beecroft FC we field teams in all these age groups with a very strong representation in O35s and O45s.

We are primarily focussed on the social and health aspects of sport, enjoying the physical activity and the post game refreshments equally.  Occasionally, we even win a game or a competition!

GHFA matches are 45 minutes per half with 11 players on the field. Unlimited interchange is allowed in most divisions. Games are usually played on Saturday afternoons with the occasional Sunday match.

During season, we train one night/week though most teams consider training optional! Over summer, there are regular informal “kick arounds” to help maintain fitness.

We welcome interest from potential new players of any skill level and will do our best to find a home for you amongst the mighty wombats. 

If interested, please contact our senior mens coordinator at