Three Cheers for O35/4s Grand Final winners

We started the season with a 6 – 1 loss against a team that didn’t even make the pennant. We all looked at each other with disbelief so we decided to start training.

The following Wednesday, at training, saw a plume of players turn up on a cold night. A total of 4 players keen to make a difference. Well we should of also won an award for consistency.  The rest of the season saw an average of three players turn up for training with the penultimate on the Wednesday before the grand final culminating in 6 players which included 3 ring ins that were paid to be there. Paid in kind not cash…remember it’s still an amateur sport.

The next few games had it’s toll on the team with injuries and our score line.

Then we finally clicked and realised the ball moves faster than players dribbling ( that’s the ball and not the pining for the end of game drinks)

The granny was probably our best game.  The lads open the scoring with Jose delivering a great individual goal beating the keeper after an amazing ball from Dazza, and Forno for the best goal off the bench after a precision corner from Batts.  We dominated the first half with 2 goals. We played classy football similar to that normally displayed by our O45 teams. We were preparing our acceptance speech ready to collect the silverware, until….

The second half of the game became a little aggressive, which delivered results for the other team with an easy goal.  We were shocked with this type of aggressive football as we had never seen this throughout the season.   We normally play like beecroft gentlemen.  We threatened the other team with allowing Vinnie out of goals into the midfield, which made them mad as a cut snake.  So we thought we would play like true wombats ; we dug our heels in rammed them into submission. Now that mascot makes complete sense to me.  The rest of the game was characterised by falcons, bicycle kicks and the odd 4year old tantrums. We were finally composed as a team to the end with a 2-1 win.

Every player lifted themselves and played beyond their abilities.  It made me a very proud mum. We definitely peaked at the right time.

I’d like to thank all the lads for playing in the best of wombat spirit and I enjoyed the season. Hopefully  we can practice our high fives and friendly banter in anticipation  for the next season…  and maybe a little footy as well.

Sam Graiche



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