Life Members

Life Membership recognises locals from our community who have made an outstanding contribution to the club and

This is an opportunity to acknowledge the individuals who commit extraordinary time and excellent service to Beecroft Wombats Football Club

Below is a list of individuals who have gone above and beyond what could be reasonably expected, to support the running of our community organisation.

Life Membership to Beecroft Football Club

Year AwardedRecipient
2019Peter Nimmo
2019Angela Nimmo
Geoff Schembri
James Stewart
Martin Neale
Peter Hunter
Life Membership to Beecroft Sports Club (Cricket, Football & Netball)
Sport AwardedRecipient
NetballA. Sommerville Mrs
A.G. Bowden Mr.
A.K. Healy Mr.
NetballAnn Potter
B Reynolds Mrs
B. Milne Mrs
FootballBill Jones
C. Denby Mrs
C. Sherwood Mrs
FootballDavid Lee
E. Rivett Mr.
Football & CricketGeoff Findlay
I. Congdon Mr.
J. Hardie Mrs
J. McDonald Mrs
FootballJohn Fry
K Tanner Mrs
L. Guzowski Mrs
Margaret Coe
FootballMax O’Neill
FootballN.E. Goodwin Mr.
FootballOwen Ramsay
P. Baird Mrs
R. B. Jones Mr.
FootballRay Dennis
FootballRon Bissett
FootballRoss Johnston
FootballRoyce Foster
FootballStan Hamley
FootballTed Terrell