Peter Nimmo Awarded NWSF Life Membership

At North West Sydney Football Ltd 2022 Annual General Meeting, Peter Nimmo’s exceptional, loyal, and outstanding contribution to the beautiful game of Football was recognised with a Life Membership.  

Congratulations for your outstanding contribution Peter. 

Below is a list of his significant contributions to our football family.  

Peter joined Beecroft Wombats FC as Mini’s Coordinator in 2007, then served as President/Convenor for approx. Ten years.  

He has volunteered for approx. Fifteen years on the Beecroft FC committee and remains an active member after handing over the President’s role.  

Peter was a Board member of GHFA and then NWSF for four years. This includes his significant input during the time of the merger of GHFA with NWSWF to form NWSF. His fundamental role in establishing the NWSF Fair Play award recognises that football’s social benefits to all the community involved are far more important than any particular team winning or losing.  

Most recently, he has served for two years as a GPT Co-Chair.  

Having refereed earlier in life under Bankstown District, Peter has been refereeing for three years as a current NWSF Referee.  

Peter has spent 20 years playing in the district, from O35/1’s to O45/3’s, and 58 years playing since he was four years old!  

Peter’s Achievements In his ten years as President / Convenor of BFC he has achieved the following: 

The number of players increased from around 400 to over 650 in that time, including the achievement of approx. a quarter of Beecroft FC players are female, and this percentage is constantly growing.  

Managed BFC through separation from Beecroft Sports Club into a stand-alone entity, enabling it to be master of its own destiny.  

And managed during a period of significant disruption and being based in demountable buildings as NW Rail demolished and re-built the facilities at Cheltenham Oval, necessitating constant negotiations with Council and NW Rail during this time.

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